Saturday, August 3, 2013

Snail Mail

Email is good but post is better!
Our family has started a goal to write once a week.
Only once a month or less for each family member.
It is daunting and I can't say our goal will be successful each and every week.
But were striving for it.
I am getting ready for my snail mail this month and have been gathering ideas!
Instead of trying to bust out my letter and whip it off asap.
I am doing my best to prepare.
Meaning I am making a "to write..." list, that I keep up to date with things that
I find myself thinking "I wish he was here so I could share this with him..."
Sometimes it is goofy dreams, funny commercials, conversations with my kiddos,
or endearing stories I enjoyed via friends/family/church/internet,
even updates on children likes and dislikes are fun.
I find a few momentos is always fun to send along to your missionary.
With a little story or message connecting it.
Here are some ideas:
A lucky penny we found.
A stick of gum I've been craving.
A Mormonad I liked.
A coupon or Gift Card to share.
Confetti to share news, big or small.
A printed comic strip for a laugh.
A bookmark, or ribbon for scriptures.
A few pebbles collected by my son.

My Mom enjoys sending the weekly weather report in her email to my brother. He loves it, and it is fun for him and my Mom, it makes them both feel a little more connected. And when my Mom forgot one week, he mentioned how much he missed it. Because lets face it, it's not like he looks it up on his own. So my Mom's weekly weather is a good basis for him to the week that helps prepare him. And it reminds him Mom is "ever watchful"!
Do you have any ideas of what to send in an envelope to your missionary?