Friday, February 28, 2014


We all know that when our missionary leaves we are ready to begin the countdown. Nothing is better than having a record, and being able to mark off those days till their return. 

From my experience with my brother, the first year is truly the hardest! Something about counting down rather then counting up seems to put more of a positive spin on it and makes the time go by just a tad faster. My Mom feels the same way even though when everyone would tell her that the first time around it didn't give her much comfort.

My brother currently serving, (brother #2), just hit his YEAR MARK! HOORAY!

In honor of that here are some countdowns for you to check out: 

My sister bought this special one with stickers to use, here.


Custom Missionary Countdown

Missionary Countdown (Elder) Digital Print

I love these illustrated calendars, for Elders or Sisters. Sometimes it is easier to countdown months rather then days. Especially for little siblings. (Or impatient and lazy sisters like me! Can you tell I want one :)
Monthly Calendars

How sweet is this countdown for those of you who are doing the long two year waiting game ...
found on Etsy Personalized missionary girlfriend/boyfriend countdown chart

For some FREE PRINTABLES Check out OUR Post HERE

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sending LOVE

Since it is February, LOVE month, I thought I would take a special interest in all the love birds out there that have miles and miles of distance and a LARGE stack of written LETTERS on their desk, only making them miss their MISSIONARIES more. This post is for YOU!


Library Checkout Valentine’s card

Remind your missionary of your love story, recount dates, special events, and FIRSTS! Love this idea!

Envelope LOVE Decor
Thoughts of a Missionary Girlfriend: Envelope Craft

I am kind of in love with this cute post, from a missionary girlfriend who decorates her envelopes to her missionary, with all sorts of cute designs. I especially loved the "Do not open until ..." in regards to the special date that would celebrate their 7 Month Anniversary.

Love BOX

"50 days of why I love you" box, which this missionary girlfriend included in a Sunshine Package. 

I Love You ABC's
WERE JUMPIN: The Alphabet of our Love
While He Was Napping: ABC's of You and Me

52 Things I Love About You

Emmaline Bride: DIY

We would love to hear any "I waited..." success stories out there, to boost some of our patiently waiting, missionary girlfriends spirits. Leave your story in the contact tab of the blog and when we have enough I would love to do a post with them all. Because lets face it we all love a good love story, especially when were missing our loved one. 

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Dear ELDER Valentine's Day PACKAGE

I just sent out my brother's Valentine's Day package. I filled it full of love and a bit of rushed exhaustion. In the end I am surprised I was able to make it out on time and in one piece. I was so proud of my stuffing abilities, because honestly after looking at everything that was supposed to go in, I kinda laughed at myself. But in the end I made it work!

I saw lots of heart ideas on Pinterest. Everything from conversation-like hearts, or heart attack heart packages, scripture hearts, count down hearts and on and on. I decided to do a scripture based heart countdown idea, although he will get this package with little time to countdown, I think the idea is still fun. If I had time managed better I would have done cute designs on each heart with the countdown number, instead I just let my little ones scribble and draw on them. I would have loved to draw cute little arrow heart designs or an x's and o's border or something similar.

I used these scriptures,

  1. Deuteronomy 6:5
  2. 1 John 3:18
  3. 3 Nephi 12:44
  4. Moroni 10:32
  5. John 15:13
  6. 1 Chronicles 16:34
  7. Ephesians 4:2
  8. Moroni 7:47
  9. John 3:16
  10. Romans 12:10
  11. 1 Peter 4:8
  12. 1 John 4:7
  13. Moroni 8:17
  14. Jacob 3:2 

You could easily search the word "love" on and find your favorites, scriptures or quotes alike.

I found this Top 5 Things I Love About You Printable HERE, and wrapped the Nutty Bars (one of my brother's most loved treats) in the printable. And then I used the bottom portion of the printable, with the cute arrows, to wrap his Butterfinger candy bar up with.

I found the LOVE printable HERE, and printed it on cardstock, then I took a regular piece of paper and cut both pieces in a heart and stapled them around the edges (you could also sew or tape). I left a hole at the top and inserted the candy and stapled it up. I like having little pieces of the candy sticking out, and it makes for a fun present opening like experience for the missionary.

My little ones loved making valentines for our missionary. My son helped make a paper airplane valentine, which I found the free printable HERE. And my daughter helped (in spirit ;)) making the "Eye Heart You!" Valentine. I've seen the googly eye inspired cards everywhere so I made my own version with a googly eye, yarn and some scraps of red paper. In theory I was hoping to have my daughter do the glue work and help stick on the scraps of paper as the center of the heart, but she was far from interested.
For the hands and footprint valentine, I had my daughters on one side and my sons on the other. I stumbled onto this idea via Pinterest, and there is a link to the picture I originally found HERE.

After I did the creating I laid out the insides of my package and started stuffing. With a little trial and error I got everything almost everything inside :)

Here is a full list: 
Valentine's from the kids
14 Scripture Hearts
Classic Candy Filled Valentine Heart
Sweethearts, and mini boxes of the candied hearts (for him to share with other Elders or investigators)
Love Printable Heart, filled with candy
Lindor Truffle Heart
Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
Butterfinger Candy Bar, wrapped in arrows printable
Little Debbie Nutty Bars, wrapped in Top 5 Things I Love About You Printable
Bear Favor Box filled with candy (most of the candy made it in, but the Bear Box was a little too big)

Although it was a bit rushed I was happy to get my Valentine Package off to our Elder AND very relieved :) Sometimes it is too much work, especially if you cram it all into one day with only a couple hours till the post office closes!

If you would rather fill your package up with some non-candy items as well you can find all sorts of themed items this time of year that would fit your package, anything like: A Scarf, Lotion, Old Spice Deodorant, Themed Tie, Mug w/pink marshmallow hearts inside, Photo Album (I've seen some done where everyone is making kissy faces or hearts with their hands), or for Sister's in particular lip gloss/lip balm, nail polish, jewelry, a wallet, or even some red and pink hair accessories. 

Please share what you would or did put in your Valentine packages!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


It is the month of cupids, and hearts, and kisses, and love.
Send your missionary some love from home too.

Valentine's Heart Attack
See Here
Wouldn't these hearts be cute with scriptures on them about love and care.
 Or even quotes. Or messages from your missionaries loved ones. 

Toddler Heart Notes
I know these say Thank You Notes but they are too perfect for Valentines. 
Just think Red Card stock instead of white with a little white insert with their drawing. 

Mailed Kisses

Valentine Kisses
This is not just for kids either, I can totally see pictures of the family making 
goofy kissy faces. Your missionary is sure to love and laugh over it. 

Heart Wreath
I could see a mini version of this tucked in a package for Valentine's Day. 

Eye Heart You Cards

God's Conversation Hearts
See Here