Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Missionary

I heard this missionary story awhile back and don't know how accurate it is but thought I would share it with my missionary this week.

On his mission in Zimbabwe this Elder was on splits with a bunch of other Elders and they were walking when a bunch of teenagers came running up with knives. In the panic and hysteria everyone started running to get away and this Elder tripped and was left behind. The group came upon him and started stabbing him. He said a prayer and (being the little guy he was asked for strength), he was overcome by the strength of angels as he said and literally threw the attackers from his body. Scared by the immense power, and a little freaked by it all the attackers ran away. He fainted immediately due to blood lose. A lost elderly couple came upon his body and took him to the hospital. Where they discovered that even though he was covered in blood and his shirt and garments torn to pieces, nothing beneath the garments was hit. Nothing vital was damaged. He recovered safely and though he has a large scar the extent of his arm and across his face. He is alive.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Parents of RM's Do's and Don'ts

For the Parents of Returned Missionaries
Do's and Don'ts
Full article here

1. DO remember your purpose and their purpose - it is the same. The overarching purpose is the same.
Though they leave from the mission and come home into a new life. We all still have the same purpose. To invite others to come unto Christ and become more like Him. Remember that this is what they eat, sleep and drink as a missionary and it should be the same for us. Don’t be surprised if they still eat sleep and drink it. Embrace it. Be humble and learn from what they have learned. They have so much to teach.

2. DO be the kind of adult you want them to be! The bar was raised for them but it was also raised for you.
Understand Preach my Gospel because that is their language. If you know the language of Preach My Gospel, you’ll know their language. If you haven’t already, don’t be afraid to pull out the manual and read through it. If you do, it’s guaranteed that your communication with them will improve when they get home.

3. DON’T treat them like you did before their mission. DO let them be something better and greater than they were before.
Ask them how they think they have changed. Ask them to teach you what they have learned. Remember, they are not the high school kid who you knew before. They have been through a rigorous program for 18 months to two years and there is no way that they are the same. The worst thing you could do is let them lose what they have gained on the mission. This may be uncomfortable, but love them enough to let them rise above who they were before their mission. Feel free to share this article with your recently returned missionary about how they can keep the missionary “glow” forever: www.thereturnedmissionary.com/keeping-the-missionary-glow/

4. DO encourage them in their daily personal prayer and scripture study and DO hold daily family prayer and scripture study and weekly family home evenings with them.
Support them to keep the same standards they kept when in the mission. And when they are ready and the circumstances permit, encourage them to go to the Family Home Evening activities in their YSA wards. Until then, do the best you can to support the standards they lived in the mission. This will bless your home.

5. DON’T let them have a long vacation, but DO strongly encourage them to become anxiously engaged after a short rest.
A happy returned missionary is a busy returned missionary. If you do decide to go on a short family trip or vacation after their mission, this is fine. But when you get back, help them to stay busy! Provide a list of things that they can do that will keep them busy. They are used to working longer hours than a full-time job in the regular world. If they don’t get working soon, it will be quite a shock to them. Don’t be afraid of rest, but help them to keep working hard. Hard work is a good thing. You know this.

6. DO use a balanced approach in encouraging them regarding dating and marriage, finding a job, getting an education, church service, family responsibility, etc.
Encourage them. Don’t pressure them. They are already used to setting goals and achieving them, but this is a brand new world for them. There will be more articles on this website that will cover many of these subjects such as dating, marriage, employment, education, etc. Just make sure they know they are loved and above all help them remember the highest in themselves, that they are born to be great, and that the best always happens after the mission.

7. DO lovingly help them to become functioning adults, dressing and acting the part.
They are expected to be adults for two years or 18 months. They budgeted for themselves, shopped for themselves, did their own laundry, cleaned their apartment, paid rent and utilities, went to the doctor and everything else. Don’t take that away from them when they get home. Let them be functioning adults again. Though you should make sure that they get all the medical and dental help when they get home. You also may suggest a new wardrobe for them when they return, but don’t be offended if they don’t want your style advice. Here is a quick post from our blog about why it is a good idea for RMs to refresh their wardrobe, if possible.

8. DO encourage them to pick one ward to attend and to have a calling in that ward as soon as possible, rather than float between YSA ward and your home ward.
From the church handbook: “Eligible members may, in consultation with their parents, choose to be members of the YSA ward or to remain in their conventional ward.” (Handbook 2, section 16.4) If you can, encourage bishops to call them immediately as ward missionaries and as temple workers (where possible). Returned Missionaries need the same things as new members: (1) A friend, (2) a calling, and (3) nourishment by the good word of God.

9. DO encourage them to attend their sacrament meeting and other meetings as well as the temple and institute, every week.
10. DON’T encourage them to participate in worldly media, movies, or video games they missed while on the mission. DO strongly encourage them to follow the standards and guidelines found in For the Strength of Youth and Preach My Gospel.

Read more http://www.thereturnedmissionary.com/for-the-parents-of-returned-missionaries/

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What to send SISTERS?

Our first WHAT TO SEND section was great for Elders but I know how much we needed one ESPECIALLY FOR SISTERS!

1. Nail Accessories: Anything from polish to a file, to a little manicure kit. 

2. Make-up Bag: A cute new make-up bag that they could use for travel or to store basics in, you could even fill it with deodorant, perfume, razors, shaving cream, etc. 

3. Lotion: Bath and Body Works was big when I was growing up and we loved getting a new scent for Christmas or a Birthday. Soap, shampoo, body wash, body butter, anything scenty! Or have you tried the Mary Kay Satin Hands, heavenly! A special treat they may fall in love with, and lets face it every girl needs a little pampering :)

4. Hand Sanitizer: Bath and Body Works sells really scenty ones which I totally love to store in my purse.

5. Hair Accessories: Bows, clips, headbands, ribbon, turban scarf, hair ties in all sorts of colors and thin little rubber bands are nice too if they are really into hair. You could even send along a little hairstyle book for new things they should try. Or make your own with cute ones you see online that you think they will like. And what if you surprised them with some leave in conditioner, dry shampoo, or curling gel; any of these products may make their morning routine a little faster on the crazy days. You could also send her a new brush, try this WET BRUSH! I am in love with it!

6. Jewelry: You can go out and splurge on your missionary or make something even more special. Check out our post HERE on some great DIY jewelry ideas. 

7. Make-up: Whether it is a simple new chap-stick or a vibrant new color for their eyes. A little change in their morning routine with something a little different and new will sure to brighten their spirits. Make-up Wipes are a great little stuffer too, they make washing up all the easier, especially after a long day. 

8. Cold Weather Accessories: Gloves, scarves, hats, warm wool socks, ear muffs, etc. 

9. Tissues: The individually packaged kind are great. Especially since they come in all the fun patterns and they are easy to store in a purse or backpack. Sisters can always use tissues, I think they tend to use them a little more often then the Elders and it is nice to have them on hand. 

10. Toothbrush / toothpaste / floss picks / mouthwash / white strips: Anything dental is sure to be something they prob are not exactly splurging on, so if you get them all the nice stuff they are sure to appreciate and take the extra effort to brighten their smile. 

11. Medicine: The little travel tubes of Tylenol, Excedrin, or the beloved Midol are sure to come in handy ;)

12. Fluffy Slippers

13. A Frame: Let's face it our Sister's out there are more than likely willing to put a little extra time in to make their transitioning apt feel like home. And a framed photo of family may just be that extra special touch that motivates them all the harder. I also love these cute printables, for all the different seasons/holidays for them to switch out and bring a little extra deco to their home away from home. 

14. Notepad and pen: Whether it is glitter or princesses sometimes a fun little notepad is a great child calmer, "Can you draw me a picture?" Or let special members or investigators right down a message in it before you leave the area, as a momento to look back on in years to come. An address book is also great to store contact info in for those that they hope to catch in touch with. 

15. A Belt: Lets be honest belts are in. And whether it is a big chunky one or a bright colored skinny one, it may add a little spice to your Sister's revolving wardrobe. I am in love with the skinny belts from Forever 21, they may not be supreme quality but you can't beat the inexpensive price along with the trendy styles. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Jewelry

Looking for a new gift idea to put in your Sister Missionary's package?
I have been noticing a whole lot of DIY Jewelry posts via Pinterest and I can't help but think how fun it would be to make a special piece of Jewelry for your Sister Missionary.
Whether it's for a birthday or holiday your missionary is sure to treasure this piece of home made by you.
You could also send her all the supplies and a little DIY pamphlet for her to make her own, if she is more into this kind of thing then you are.
Now just imagine these wrapped in a little tissue paper tucked in a cute little craft box tied with a ribbon, and you have the perfect gift for your favorite Sister Missionary, which she can't help but adore.

Gold Tube Bracelets

Hoop Earring Redo

 Rhinestone Redo Necklace

Fishtail Braid Bracelet

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Lets face it our Missionary's Birthday isn't the same without family and friends to surround them and Mom there to make it just right. 
Meridian Magazine
But ... I found a whole bunch of the very best birthday ideas to make your missionary feel just a little more festive and a lot closer to home! 

Birthday Countdown
Includes Printables!


Birthday Photo Album
Missionary Girlfriend and Family alike this is a fun idea with lots of the printables she used to attach messages from loved ones, along with the photos and inspirational quotes! LOVED THIS!

DIY Birthday Cake

Cake in a Can

Party in a Box

Birthday Activity 
"Around The Clock Missionary Birthday"

What You Will Need:
17 small presents (there is a specific poem that goes with each present, you can use  the same presents we used or modify the poem to fit your needs.)
A small day planner
Tooth Brush
Scripture High Lighting Pens
Bobble head pen (purchased at Desert Book)
Stickers  (stickers are fun for missionaries to give to kids)
Cookies (We made chocolate chip cookies and put them in an empty Pringles can to mail.)   You can also buy prepackaged cookies such as Mrs. Field’s.
Breath Mints
Chap Stick
Two missionary approved CD’s (for one of the CD’s you could sing your missionary Happy   Birthday and burn it to a CD)
Pringles or any favorite chip
Rice Krispie Treats (or any favorite treat)
Bicycle Light or small flash light
Favorite Candy (on the poem card fill in the name of the candy)
Birthday Candles  ( you could also buy hostess cupcakes  for the birthday missionary)
Reading Light
For the instructions go to the Parties and Patterns site, she has the print-outs and the full activity guide.

Photo Collage
One Missionary Girlfriend's photo collage to her missionary on his Birthday! Missionaries love pictures and you can't go wrong with sending him faces from home.

Birthday Money Box

Birthday Money Umbrella

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sharing your Call with your Missionary

This missionary girlfriend also got called to serve on a mission and decided to tell her already serving missionary in a creative way ... a guessing game! I thought it was so fun having all the clues to help him guess. She sent it in an envelope with a copy of her mission call and photos from the day.

I loved this idea not just for Missionary Girlfriends but for friends, or siblings, or anyone wanting to write and tell their missionary that they too are READY TO SERVE!

You could include all sorts of clues, here are a few she used and some I thought of too:

It is always hot!
It practically never rains!
It is by the ocean!
They eat lots of spicy food!
It is a new mission!
There isn't a temple in my area!
The flag is ... (picture)!

I am speaking Spanish!
I will be serving 7,000 miles away from home/from you!
My mission president is named ..., he is from ...
I will be eating lots of rice/beans/noodles!
I will be teaching lots of tourists/natives!
My mission covers 3 states!
I am going to the Mexico MTC!

You can put each clue in a balloon so he has to pop them and you can make a package out of your guessing game, as seen here Keep Calm and Wait On: Guessing Game

Your missionary will love hearing a little about your mission, and things you've discovered about it as you give him the clues. It is such a great way to spread that mission excitement, as you yourself gets ready to serve!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

So Sweet ...

I came across this the other day on Pinterest. 

There is no link connecting it to it's source, but I had to share it because I just thought it was so sweet for all you Missionary Girlfriends. 

And how cute would this photo be if they were both holding Book of Mormons ...

Happy Waiting!

Friday, February 28, 2014


We all know that when our missionary leaves we are ready to begin the countdown. Nothing is better than having a record, and being able to mark off those days till their return. 

From my experience with my brother, the first year is truly the hardest! Something about counting down rather then counting up seems to put more of a positive spin on it and makes the time go by just a tad faster. My Mom feels the same way even though when everyone would tell her that the first time around it didn't give her much comfort.

My brother currently serving, (brother #2), just hit his YEAR MARK! HOORAY!

In honor of that here are some countdowns for you to check out: 

My sister bought this special one with stickers to use, here.


Custom Missionary Countdown

Missionary Countdown (Elder) Digital Print

I love these illustrated calendars, for Elders or Sisters. Sometimes it is easier to countdown months rather then days. Especially for little siblings. (Or impatient and lazy sisters like me! Can you tell I want one :)
Monthly Calendars

How sweet is this countdown for those of you who are doing the long two year waiting game ...
found on Etsy Personalized missionary girlfriend/boyfriend countdown chart

For some FREE PRINTABLES Check out OUR Post HERE

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sending LOVE

Since it is February, LOVE month, I thought I would take a special interest in all the love birds out there that have miles and miles of distance and a LARGE stack of written LETTERS on their desk, only making them miss their MISSIONARIES more. This post is for YOU!


Library Checkout Valentine’s card

Remind your missionary of your love story, recount dates, special events, and FIRSTS! Love this idea!

Envelope LOVE Decor
Thoughts of a Missionary Girlfriend: Envelope Craft

I am kind of in love with this cute post, from a missionary girlfriend who decorates her envelopes to her missionary, with all sorts of cute designs. I especially loved the "Do not open until ..." in regards to the special date that would celebrate their 7 Month Anniversary.

Love BOX

"50 days of why I love you" box, which this missionary girlfriend included in a Sunshine Package. 

I Love You ABC's
WERE JUMPIN: The Alphabet of our Love
While He Was Napping: ABC's of You and Me

52 Things I Love About You

Emmaline Bride: DIY

We would love to hear any "I waited..." success stories out there, to boost some of our patiently waiting, missionary girlfriends spirits. Leave your story in the contact tab of the blog and when we have enough I would love to do a post with them all. Because lets face it we all love a good love story, especially when were missing our loved one. 

source not found

Friday, February 7, 2014

Dear ELDER Valentine's Day PACKAGE

I just sent out my brother's Valentine's Day package. I filled it full of love and a bit of rushed exhaustion. In the end I am surprised I was able to make it out on time and in one piece. I was so proud of my stuffing abilities, because honestly after looking at everything that was supposed to go in, I kinda laughed at myself. But in the end I made it work!

I saw lots of heart ideas on Pinterest. Everything from conversation-like hearts, or heart attack heart packages, scripture hearts, count down hearts and on and on. I decided to do a scripture based heart countdown idea, although he will get this package with little time to countdown, I think the idea is still fun. If I had time managed better I would have done cute designs on each heart with the countdown number, instead I just let my little ones scribble and draw on them. I would have loved to draw cute little arrow heart designs or an x's and o's border or something similar.

I used these scriptures,

  1. Deuteronomy 6:5
  2. 1 John 3:18
  3. 3 Nephi 12:44
  4. Moroni 10:32
  5. John 15:13
  6. 1 Chronicles 16:34
  7. Ephesians 4:2
  8. Moroni 7:47
  9. John 3:16
  10. Romans 12:10
  11. 1 Peter 4:8
  12. 1 John 4:7
  13. Moroni 8:17
  14. Jacob 3:2 

You could easily search the word "love" on lds.org and find your favorites, scriptures or quotes alike.

I found this Top 5 Things I Love About You Printable HERE, and wrapped the Nutty Bars (one of my brother's most loved treats) in the printable. And then I used the bottom portion of the printable, with the cute arrows, to wrap his Butterfinger candy bar up with.

I found the LOVE printable HERE, and printed it on cardstock, then I took a regular piece of paper and cut both pieces in a heart and stapled them around the edges (you could also sew or tape). I left a hole at the top and inserted the candy and stapled it up. I like having little pieces of the candy sticking out, and it makes for a fun present opening like experience for the missionary.

My little ones loved making valentines for our missionary. My son helped make a paper airplane valentine, which I found the free printable HERE. And my daughter helped (in spirit ;)) making the "Eye Heart You!" Valentine. I've seen the googly eye inspired cards everywhere so I made my own version with a googly eye, yarn and some scraps of red paper. In theory I was hoping to have my daughter do the glue work and help stick on the scraps of paper as the center of the heart, but she was far from interested.
For the hands and footprint valentine, I had my daughters on one side and my sons on the other. I stumbled onto this idea via Pinterest, and there is a link to the picture I originally found HERE.

After I did the creating I laid out the insides of my package and started stuffing. With a little trial and error I got everything almost everything inside :)

Here is a full list: 
Valentine's from the kids
14 Scripture Hearts
Classic Candy Filled Valentine Heart
Sweethearts, and mini boxes of the candied hearts (for him to share with other Elders or investigators)
Love Printable Heart, filled with candy
Lindor Truffle Heart
Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
Butterfinger Candy Bar, wrapped in arrows printable
Little Debbie Nutty Bars, wrapped in Top 5 Things I Love About You Printable
Bear Favor Box filled with candy (most of the candy made it in, but the Bear Box was a little too big)

Although it was a bit rushed I was happy to get my Valentine Package off to our Elder AND very relieved :) Sometimes it is too much work, especially if you cram it all into one day with only a couple hours till the post office closes!

If you would rather fill your package up with some non-candy items as well you can find all sorts of themed items this time of year that would fit your package, anything like: A Scarf, Lotion, Old Spice Deodorant, Themed Tie, Mug w/pink marshmallow hearts inside, Photo Album (I've seen some done where everyone is making kissy faces or hearts with their hands), or for Sister's in particular lip gloss/lip balm, nail polish, jewelry, a wallet, or even some red and pink hair accessories. 

Please share what you would or did put in your Valentine packages!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


It is the month of cupids, and hearts, and kisses, and love.
Send your missionary some love from home too.

Valentine's Heart Attack
See Here
Wouldn't these hearts be cute with scriptures on them about love and care.
 Or even quotes. Or messages from your missionaries loved ones. 

Toddler Heart Notes
I know these say Thank You Notes but they are too perfect for Valentines. 
Just think Red Card stock instead of white with a little white insert with their drawing. 

Mailed Kisses

Valentine Kisses
This is not just for kids either, I can totally see pictures of the family making 
goofy kissy faces. Your missionary is sure to love and laugh over it. 

Heart Wreath
I could see a mini version of this tucked in a package for Valentine's Day. 

Eye Heart You Cards

God's Conversation Hearts
See Here