Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Missionary

I heard this missionary story awhile back and don't know how accurate it is but thought I would share it with my missionary this week.

On his mission in Zimbabwe this Elder was on splits with a bunch of other Elders and they were walking when a bunch of teenagers came running up with knives. In the panic and hysteria everyone started running to get away and this Elder tripped and was left behind. The group came upon him and started stabbing him. He said a prayer and (being the little guy he was asked for strength), he was overcome by the strength of angels as he said and literally threw the attackers from his body. Scared by the immense power, and a little freaked by it all the attackers ran away. He fainted immediately due to blood lose. A lost elderly couple came upon his body and took him to the hospital. Where they discovered that even though he was covered in blood and his shirt and garments torn to pieces, nothing beneath the garments was hit. Nothing vital was damaged. He recovered safely and though he has a large scar the extent of his arm and across his face. He is alive.