Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Having a Missionary

Sending a missionary out is no easy task it is stressful and scary and bittersweet. It is an exciting new stage of life they embark on, one of independence and obedience. Along with leadership building, testimony strengthening, and scriptural studying; our missionary grows so much not just in age but in all things.

It is a long two years for anyone behind and our missionary tells us it all is going by so fast but we know that getting "trunky" is part of the mission as well. So through our support and love, we can encourage them to continue and do the Lord's work in the good times and the bad. 

I know for our family we do our best to send him emails, letters, and packages. But after awhile it is fun to include something a little different. After a lot of research and blog searching, we decided to start a blog that could gather all of our findings and our invented ideas. So that every missionary lover out there, searching for new ideas or information can find a site with it all. 

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