Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Era Missionary Issue

New Era

This issue of the New Era from March 2007 is dedicated to Missionary Work. It is filled full of wonderful insights.

My favorite article from this New Era is "The Five M’s of Missionary Work", by Thomas S. Monson, it covers the Message, Missionary, Member, Mission, and the Mission President. How each are essential on the mission and have a role in a successful missionary's experience.

Whether you want to print out an article and send it to your missionary for a pick me up in a letter or for a fun insert in a package, or find a quote you enjoy to add to an email when you are having a brain freeze for things to write.

Another fun piece in this issue that is worth a read is dedicated to all us waiting at home. "Missionary Mail", By Connie Myers, answers some questions that many of us have... "What should we write about? How do we get it there? What should we send?"

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