Sunday, April 14, 2013

Missionary Tip #2

Be Better

My Mom recently wrote my brother an email in hopes to inspire him to be better than his companion. He is currently companions with a rough character, and it has been a challenge for him. I loved my Mom's advice here, talking about starting a list that you can continually add on to with ideas of how you want to be as a leader. This is especially helpful when your leader isn't the best. 

"When I heard about your new companion it reminded me of something Pres. Cook (Stake President) said when you were set apart to be a missionary. His daughter was going through a rough patch in Brazil due to her senior companion being obsessed with going home in a few months, whereas she had over a year left. He gave her advice from his mission where he had a similar situation. He decided that it was a great learning opportunity for him. He learned what not to be like as a senior companion and he vowed to be different, to be better, to focus and be excited about his mission until the very end. So this too can be a learning opportunity for you, of what not to do as a leader. You can start making a list of what you want to be like as a trainer or senior companion, and remember YOU ARE A GREAT MISSIONARY!"

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