Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prepping for Sisters

Article found at Tips for Sister Missionaries:

Especially for sisters-- prepping

Some of the best suggestions given while preparing to serve include: 

1)   Wear your mission clothes for at least 1 month to check out the fit, especially shoes. Some missionaries get into the field and then find out how uncomfortable they are walking in cute shoes all day. Be more practical and be comfortable. Tired, achy feet slow down the work.

2)   Start taking vitamins and probiotics a month or two prior to leaving home. There is a lot of strange and wonderful food in this world and just because it is edible does not mean you will feel great afterwards.

3)   Sisters have personal hygiene needs monthly. Try to determine what kinds of supplies you will need during your mission and the availability in the area you will serve. Stateside, you will have a Walmart around every corner. Foreign areas may have low quality, if any supplies. Be prepared to take 18 months worth of supplies like my friend did for Japan. 

4)   First aid kit and medications. Get some instruction if you have never dealt with allergies, a cold, flu or stomach upset by yourself. Buy a thermometer at the dollar store and put it in. A few bandaids and ointments go a long way towards comforting blisters, foot fungus, bug bites and heat rash. Familiarize yourself with these and test them to make sure you don’t have allergy to any.


This website will help you be familiar with the kinds of region- and illness-specific medical information so that missionaries and their families can find all the health information necessary at the click of a button.

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