Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas is Around the Corner

Just around the corner is Christmas, and you can send your missionary a fun festive Christmas printable like this one

Or one of these.

If your missionary was involved in the online social world of Facebook or Twitter, this tool can be an easy way to gather friends and family together for a joint Christmas effort.

Here are a couple ideas that I have seen done:

My friend shared this idea with me calling it the 25 Scriptures
"One scripture for every day of December until Christmas but instead of just giving her the reference written out, I had different family members/friends of her write their testimony on the different scriptures. So they would just read it and then share their thoughts on it. Then I put each individual scriptures in an envelope of it's own with their note included (I just had everyone email me so everything was typed up). Some scriptures just had one person who wrote on them, others had 2-3."

Here are some similar ideas for a 25 Day's of Scriptures for Christmas, some are advent calendar's you could send your missionary and some are scripture chains. Either way you could find scriptures to use in envelopes or any form you like. 
You could also do a 12 days of Christmas theme instead of 25. 
Advent Calendar at One Dog Woof 

Advent Calendar at Young Wife's Guide

 Scripture Chain at The Things I Love Most

Scripture Chain at Spell Out loud

Last year I was invited to a Facebook event for a friend of mine that was in the MTC at the time. Her Mom and friend put it together and the invite said this:
"Hi Everyone,
Whitney's Mom, is trying to put together a photo book for Whitney to send her for Christmas. She would love it if you would e-mail her a picture of either you, your family, or you & Whitney, along with your favorite scripture or quote.
She is hoping to get everyone's picture no later than Dec. 1. Please help make Whitney's first Christmas on the mission special!
Send your picture & quote to --------------@aol.com
Please add other friends of Whitney's to this event so we can get as many people as possible to participate.
P.S. This is a surprise, so don't let the word get to Whitney in any letters! "

I don't know how the photo book turned out, but I found a similar idea below
at spoonful.com

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