Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tis The Season, Christmas Package!

My brother's Christmas Package this year was filled with ideas from Pinterest and alike. I included a list of what we (My Mom and I) put in and some pictures of some of them too. Hopefully this will give you some good ideas for your Christmas Packages. 

Whats Inside?

 Complete List 
- Candy Sleigh
- Grinch Pills
- Believe Bell
- Prep and Landing Characters
-I want a hippopotamus for Christmas song lyrics and paper print out of a hippo (My brother said he didn't want anything for Christmas except maybe a hippo from the song so that's what he got)

-Elf suit and hat I found on Pinterest and added my little brothers face to 

-Reindeer cut out and some other Christmas print outs
- Symbols of Christmas cutouts
-Hot Cocoa packets
-Peppermint Sticks
-M&Ms, Christmas Story
-Snowman Poop (White Tic-Tacs)
-Christmas Candy
-Homemade Christmas Card

A Sneak Peek ..

 Candy Sleigh
(made out of Christmas candy)    

Grinch Pills
 (You can pretty much get any green colored candy and add the Grinch sign to it. I got green butter mints and attached the Grinch tag to it)
Bell, from Polar Express
(Polar Express quote found here)

Prep and landing characters
 (Found here )

I added some cute Christmas print-outs I found
on Pinterest to the package.
Hot cocoa packets in Mug & Peppermint sticks
Peanut M&M's and Christmas story
There are tons of these M&M Christmas Poems floating around on Pinterest. I don't have an original source, but here is a printable you can use and the poem for future reference
M&M’s Christmas Story
As you hold these candies in your hand
And turn them, you will see
The M becomes a W, and E and then a 3
They tell the Christmas Story
It’s one, I’m sure you know
It took place in a stable
A long long time ago.
The E is for the East
Where the star shone O so bright
the M is for the Manger
Where the baby Jesus slept that night.
The 3 is for the wise men
Bearing gifts, they say they came.
W is for worship, Hallelujah
Praise to His name.
So as you eat these candies
Or share them with a friend
Remember the Spirit of Christmas
And never let it end.

Symbols of Christmas
 I saw many renditions of Symbols of Christmas but none of them had every symbol I wanted so I made the paper and symbol myself from all the ideas I saw online. To be honest you could do a whole package just based on the symbols of Christmas. 
This is what the paper says... 

Symbols of Christmas

Each year as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmastime we are surrounded by symbols.

Christmas Tree: Christmas trees are evergreen trees. They do not die in the winter, but stay green all year.  This is a symbol of eternal life. Christ made it possible for us to live forever in heaven after we die.
Star: Stars represent the new star that appeared when Christ was born.
Candles: Jesus said that He is the light of the world. He shows us the way to go and leads us with His light.
Candy Canes: This candy is made in the shape of a shepherd’s staff. The shepherds came to see baby Jesus. Christ is known as the good shepherd.
Red, White, and Green: Christmas colors are symbols of Jesus Christ. Red represents the blood of Christ. Green represents eternal life. White represents the purity of Christ (he was perfect).
Gift Giving: Gifts represent the gifts the wise men brought to the Christ child and the gift of the Savior that Heavenly Father gave the world.
WREATH: Symbol of the never ending nature of love … having no beginning and no end.

We when see these symbols throughout December we should remember the true meaning of Christmas; the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Christmas Card
(Christmas Movie's themed card)
Decorating the Package:

On each flap of the package I made a little scene from a Christmas song
Green: Oh Christmas Tree
White: I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas
Red: Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Blue: Once There Was A Snowman

This was a fun package to make and with all the fun little ideas I found it filled it up to the brim. My brother didn't want gifts so you can see we had lots of fun finding other things to put inside :) 

Feel free to list some ideas you had to send your Sister's or Elder's, and if you'd like to send us a picture of your Christmas Packages we would love to include them so we can all learn from each other!

Merry Christmas!

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