Friday, February 28, 2014


We all know that when our missionary leaves we are ready to begin the countdown. Nothing is better than having a record, and being able to mark off those days till their return. 

From my experience with my brother, the first year is truly the hardest! Something about counting down rather then counting up seems to put more of a positive spin on it and makes the time go by just a tad faster. My Mom feels the same way even though when everyone would tell her that the first time around it didn't give her much comfort.

My brother currently serving, (brother #2), just hit his YEAR MARK! HOORAY!

In honor of that here are some countdowns for you to check out: 

My sister bought this special one with stickers to use, here.


Custom Missionary Countdown

Missionary Countdown (Elder) Digital Print

I love these illustrated calendars, for Elders or Sisters. Sometimes it is easier to countdown months rather then days. Especially for little siblings. (Or impatient and lazy sisters like me! Can you tell I want one :)
Monthly Calendars

How sweet is this countdown for those of you who are doing the long two year waiting game ...
found on Etsy Personalized missionary girlfriend/boyfriend countdown chart

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