Friday, February 14, 2014

Sending LOVE

Since it is February, LOVE month, I thought I would take a special interest in all the love birds out there that have miles and miles of distance and a LARGE stack of written LETTERS on their desk, only making them miss their MISSIONARIES more. This post is for YOU!


Library Checkout Valentine’s card

Remind your missionary of your love story, recount dates, special events, and FIRSTS! Love this idea!

Envelope LOVE Decor
Thoughts of a Missionary Girlfriend: Envelope Craft

I am kind of in love with this cute post, from a missionary girlfriend who decorates her envelopes to her missionary, with all sorts of cute designs. I especially loved the "Do not open until ..." in regards to the special date that would celebrate their 7 Month Anniversary.

Love BOX

"50 days of why I love you" box, which this missionary girlfriend included in a Sunshine Package. 

I Love You ABC's
WERE JUMPIN: The Alphabet of our Love
While He Was Napping: ABC's of You and Me

52 Things I Love About You

Emmaline Bride: DIY

We would love to hear any "I waited..." success stories out there, to boost some of our patiently waiting, missionary girlfriends spirits. Leave your story in the contact tab of the blog and when we have enough I would love to do a post with them all. Because lets face it we all love a good love story, especially when were missing our loved one. 

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