Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Lets face it our Missionary's Birthday isn't the same without family and friends to surround them and Mom there to make it just right. 
Meridian Magazine
But ... I found a whole bunch of the very best birthday ideas to make your missionary feel just a little more festive and a lot closer to home! 

Birthday Countdown
Includes Printables!


Birthday Photo Album
Missionary Girlfriend and Family alike this is a fun idea with lots of the printables she used to attach messages from loved ones, along with the photos and inspirational quotes! LOVED THIS!

DIY Birthday Cake

Cake in a Can

Party in a Box

Birthday Activity 
"Around The Clock Missionary Birthday"

What You Will Need:
17 small presents (there is a specific poem that goes with each present, you can use  the same presents we used or modify the poem to fit your needs.)
A small day planner
Tooth Brush
Scripture High Lighting Pens
Bobble head pen (purchased at Desert Book)
Stickers  (stickers are fun for missionaries to give to kids)
Cookies (We made chocolate chip cookies and put them in an empty Pringles can to mail.)   You can also buy prepackaged cookies such as Mrs. Field’s.
Breath Mints
Chap Stick
Two missionary approved CD’s (for one of the CD’s you could sing your missionary Happy   Birthday and burn it to a CD)
Pringles or any favorite chip
Rice Krispie Treats (or any favorite treat)
Bicycle Light or small flash light
Favorite Candy (on the poem card fill in the name of the candy)
Birthday Candles  ( you could also buy hostess cupcakes  for the birthday missionary)
Reading Light
For the instructions go to the Parties and Patterns site, she has the print-outs and the full activity guide.

Photo Collage
One Missionary Girlfriend's photo collage to her missionary on his Birthday! Missionaries love pictures and you can't go wrong with sending him faces from home.

Birthday Money Box

Birthday Money Umbrella

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