Monday, March 10, 2014

Sharing your Call with your Missionary

This missionary girlfriend also got called to serve on a mission and decided to tell her already serving missionary in a creative way ... a guessing game! I thought it was so fun having all the clues to help him guess. She sent it in an envelope with a copy of her mission call and photos from the day.

I loved this idea not just for Missionary Girlfriends but for friends, or siblings, or anyone wanting to write and tell their missionary that they too are READY TO SERVE!

You could include all sorts of clues, here are a few she used and some I thought of too:

It is always hot!
It practically never rains!
It is by the ocean!
They eat lots of spicy food!
It is a new mission!
There isn't a temple in my area!
The flag is ... (picture)!

I am speaking Spanish!
I will be serving 7,000 miles away from home/from you!
My mission president is named ..., he is from ...
I will be eating lots of rice/beans/noodles!
I will be teaching lots of tourists/natives!
My mission covers 3 states!
I am going to the Mexico MTC!

You can put each clue in a balloon so he has to pop them and you can make a package out of your guessing game, as seen here Keep Calm and Wait On: Guessing Game

Your missionary will love hearing a little about your mission, and things you've discovered about it as you give him the clues. It is such a great way to spread that mission excitement, as you yourself gets ready to serve!

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